Latest DotA 2 blog post discusses new spectator system

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 6 October 2011 20:26 GMT

Valve has revealed two spectator features for DotA 2 which will improve the experience of watching live matches.

According to a new blog post, the team behind the game wanted to improve the experience since there are usually quite a few people watching a match at any given time.

One of the first things implemented, was a shared view of the match, which will make it easier to carry on a conversation with other spectators through Directed camera mode.

“We were able to leverage our experience with Source TV to build a smart camera that knows what’s about to happen, and tries to make sure it’s in a good position to let you see that action unfold,” reads the post. “So in addition to being able to kick back and relax knowing that the camera will always be where the action is, you’re also able to talk about anything happening onscreen because you know that everyone else watching the Directed camera is seeing the same thing you are.”

The second main feature added for spectators, was the Player Perspective camera mode which allows the DotA 2 player to select one of the players in the game, and see the game as if they were at the other’s computer.

“The player’s mouse cursor and input will be shown, their camera work, their HUD, their interaction with UI elements, and so on,” reads the post. “We wanted you to be able to see exactly how a highly skilled player is playing the game, so you can see ways of improving your own play, and that’s what this camera mode lets you do.

You can read the full blog post through the link, which also steers you towards a new site, StreamDota2, which as shows various streams for active Dota 2 beta testers.

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