Street Fighter x Tekken a “carnival of both games,” says Ono

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 4 October 2011 09:40 GMT

It shows.

Street Fighter boss Yoshinori Ono has said he considers the coming together of Street Fighter and Tekken as a “carnival” of both games, noting the fun the characters are having when thrown together.

“Obviously, this game, we look at it as a carnival or festival of both of these games,” he told GameSpot AU at Tokyo Game Show.

“The characters are kinda thrown together and having a lot of fun. For the Street Fighter side, we and the team are very, very confidant that we could cover that and use our knowledge of the Street Fighter characters in the universe to make something really, really interesting and cool.”

Don’t get too left out yet, Tekken massive: you’re being catered to as well.

“For the Tekken characters, just in terms of the basic feel and how they should be feeling when you play, we could obviously ask the Tekken team, we could get a lot of feedback from them and see what they thought about it. That was very, very useful, but one of the biggest challenges we had, one of the things we found to be the most interesting, was how to give [Tekken players] the chance to enjoy Street Fighter characters in a way that didn’t feel too dissimilar, but also felt like Street Fighter,” Ono continued.

“One of the big systems that we have that let us do that is the cross-rush system. Obviously, Tekken is a game where you’re very physically and aggressively attacking with combos, and there’s a rhythm to it with the strong combos. And the cross-rush system allows Tekken players to do that in a comfortable way within a Street Fighter game.

“There’s some other systems as well that have grown out of exactly that, just thinking about how to get both groups satisfied and providing an experience that both can feel familiar with and also a little bit something new with.”

Street Fighter x Tekken launches next year for PS3, 360 and Vita.

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