EG Expo: AC Revelations session and demo detailed

By Staff, Saturday, 24 September 2011 13:05 GMT

Following the BioWare SWTOR date bombshell, Ubisoft held a session on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, which was hosted by Brent Ashe and Raphael Lacoste of Ubisoft Montreal.

The session started off with Ubisoft showing an extended version of the CGI trailer from E3, with a new voiceover of Ezio stating: “Today I have but questions, not answers.” The trailer then showed how Ezio escaped from his captors, which lead to the first sequence shown at gamescom.

After the video, Ashe and Lacoste touched upon the Animus rooms, which previously white in Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood, are now black or in Critical Mode – likely because everything Ezio has done up to this point was for revenge instead of gleaning information.

In Revelations, he is instead looking back on his life and looking for answers in the Masyaf castle from the first Assassin’s Creed game. His personal quest is now turned into a race against time, and in order to help him accomplish what he needs to do, new weapons and gadgets will be used – like the Hookblade shown at E3.

With the game, more vistas will be included, along with the return of the Brotherhood. Towns and larger cities within the game were shown through various bits of art, showing districts with varying economical factors and dramatic lighting.

Ashe and Lacoste showed a live demo of the game after this, which was the same one shown at gamescom. It was a carriage chase scene featuring Ezio and Leandros of the Templar Order , and a bomb was tossed our hero’s way, forcing him off the road.

“Look who crawled out of his hole to die,” said Leandros as three of his guards rushed Ezio, just outside of Mesief. Not to be deterred, he stabs one of the guards and runs up the rooftop of a nearby windmill, stabs those guards and uses Eagle Vision in order to track where Leandros is going.

After this, he fights more guards, and uses cherry bombs to distract the rest.

The gameplay demo paused at this point, and the developers showed off the bomb crafting inventory. Players will be able to make their own lethal, tactical and diversion bombs for use, and even pick the ingredients used to make them.

Going back to the demo, Ezio, using his Eagle Vision, has tracked down Leandros who is trying to escape the assassin’s wrath. When fight sequences happen, cinematic angles will be implemented such as when climbing buildings or when a solider falls to his death. In this instance, Ezio finally corners Leandros and kills him with his hook.

The scene changed to a memory sequence which allowed Ezio to see Altair’s past experiences. Johnny noted that Altair sounds a lot more Middle-Eastern this time around than he did in AC1.

A Q&A session followed, but VG247 was unable to attend it. You can get caught up on the entire liveblog below, though.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is due on PS3 and Xbox 360 in November, with a PC and possibly a Wii U version to follow.

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