Glitch beta officially reset in preparation for launch

By Jessica Citizen, Wednesday, 21 September 2011 08:23 GMT

Beta testers of quirky cartoon MMO Glitch: The inevitable has happened. Developer Tiny Speck has pulled the plug and reset everybody’s progress, losing all of your belongings, hard-earned skills, currants and achievements. But this is a good thing, because it means the game is now that much closer to launch!

In an email sent to beta testers earlier today, Tiny Speck thanked everybody for their time – which was reportedly close to a million collective hours (we’re not guessing how many of them were from VG247 staff…).

Glitch will now put up with “a few more days of testing” before the official launch, but – unlike the rest of the beta – what happens to your character now will stay that way, even after the game has launched. Everybody’s left back on Level 1 and required to go through the tutorial once again, but after that, the world of Ur is open for business.

Also open for business: The game’s new Developer Blog, which contains all sorts of techie insights into the Glitch underbelly. Pay particular attention to the letters “iOS” – that’s right, Glitch also now has its own iPhone app, which won’t let you play the game outright on your phone, but will let you keep track of your skills, messages and other things you’d normally access through the home page.

For more details on the reset itself, head to the Glitch blog, and any questions can go directly to the appropriate forum thread.

If you’re already a fan of the game (and let’s face it, anybody who’s dipped their toes into this particular water automatically is), then you may like to take advantage of the half-price subscriptions that are still on offer. They’ll be shooting back up to regular price “in about a week,” says Tiny Speck – so get on to tha quicksmart.

Remember, Glitch is browser-based, free-to-play and happy in just about any operating system or computer, and any subscription or credit purchase is completely optional. If you do feel like forking out the measly amount of cash required, Tiny Speck have also enabled gift subscriptions, after “many, many requests”.

After all that, there’s only one way to end this: Glitch is now open for beta testing. Game on!

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