Sound Shapes preview name-checks Child of Eden, Rez, Lumines

By Jessica Citizen, Friday, 16 September 2011 09:34 GMT

Could Sound Shapes be the next Lumines? They’re both deceptively simple, stylish games, both combining audio, video and gameplay in ways we haven’t necessarily seen before, and they’re both for Sony handhelds.

…at least, that’s how Jeremy Parish feels, in a brand new Sound Shapes preview over at 1UP.

Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes – co-designed by Jonathan Mak (best known for his work as creator of Everyday Shooter) – isn’t the flashiest game for the new handheld, nor is it the most technically advanced. What it is, though, is a perfect example of exactly what the gadget is capable of. Both the front and rear touch screens have their own functions, and the buttons and sticks are involved, too.

As you roll around the (simplistic, stylish) world, you effectively create your own soundtrack – so that’s where Rez and Child of Eden come in, further tying the game to Q Entertainment, and – by definition – Lumines.

Short version: If you haven’t heard much about Sound Shapes by now, you definitely will have by the time it arrives on PS Vita. As Parish writes – it’s definitely a strong contender to be the “ideal launch title” for the platform.

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Child Of Eden

Everyday Shooter

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Jeremy Parish