US News Wrap, September 13 – What Happened Today

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 13 September 2011 22:16 GMT

There are only two things in my life I expect to happen on a daily basis: the coffee is already made when I get in from the morning farm chores, and that my dogs do their business outside.

Much to my chagrin, neither of those happened this morning, so to say I had two disappointing and rage inducing surprises waiting on me after coming in wet from the fog and smelling like a steer’s ass, is an understatement.

However, once I cleaned up not only myself but the carpet area where the mess occurred, and put the coffee on to brew, I felt slightly better. I just need to inform the testosterone laden house that these occurrences are never to happen again, unless they are keen on a massive bloodletting. It was not a good last couple of days anyway, but I’ll save that for a vanity card later in the week.

Anyway, once the IV drip full of coffee was hooked into my main artery, I posted the following news during my shift:

Today’s header image is Portishead’s luminous Beth Gibbons. See you tomorrow.

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