Wolfenstein Classic dropped from Austrian, Swiss App Stores

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 25 August 2011 04:30 GMT

The iOS version of classic shooter Wolfenstein 3D has dropped off the radar in some European territories.

Austria and Switzerland have both pulled the game from sale, although it remains available in other territories.

A tweet from id Software’s John Carmack suggests problematic in-game imagery is at the root of the trouble:

“The iOS App Stores in Switzerland and Austria just lost Wolfenstein Classic due to the offensive swastikas,” he said.

Wolfenstein Classic is the iDevice port of Wolfenstein 3D, one of the earliest first-person shooters, which sees players storming a Nazi stronghold. Id Software famously built on the game’s success with Doom and Quake, both seminal titles in a genre which now dominates the industry.

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