Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will make use of Kinect and standard 360 controller

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 25 August 2011 16:15 GMT

From Software has said players will not be limited to just using Kinect in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, they will also use the standard controller as well. However, the implementation of Kinect has added some cool features to the control scheme.

Speaking in an interview at gamescom, which you can watch below, the development team said that back in 2003 when the first Steel Battalion was released, “everyone was talking about the controller.”

“It was all about the controller, so with Heavy Armor, we are not confined within the controller itself but to go out further. Obviously there will some Kinect moves when you start the engine, like when pulling the lever, reaching out to change gears with your arm, pulling the panel, pushing the eject button, all of these are done using Kinect moves. Titling your head tilts your camera, when you stand up it opens the hatch and you can look around.

“But players will not be limited to the Kinect controller, as both it and the standard controller will be needed to play the game.”

The game is set in 2082 in a world without semiconductors, ravaged by war. Players take control of Vertical Tank (VT) pilot Lt. Powers and fight in battlefields in the US and across the world.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is currently slated for release in 2012.

Watch the debut trailer here.

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