Insomniac’s Allgiar describes Overstrike as an imaginative new IP

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 23 August 2011 16:17 GMT

Insomniac creative director Brian Allgiar has said Overstirke may not be a well-established franchise, but he expects the new IP to benefit for that very reason.

Speaking in a video interview with CVG, Allgiar said the firm expects Overstirke to be a bit of fresh air in a industry full of sequels.

“It’s a brand new IP. It’s going to be coming out at a time when we think a lot of sequels are going to be coming out so it’s a very fresh, new experience for players,” said Allgiar. “We’re focusing on co-op, which is a big trend right now, people love to play games together, and we’re specifically focusing on an a-symmetrical co-op experience.”

Allgiar said for Insomniac fans not to worry, though, because the game will still contain elements with the signature Insomniac stamp.

“Overstrike definitely plays to Insomniac’s strengths, it’s got imaginative weaponry, it’s got engrossing characters and storylines,” he said. “It’s also got a sense of humour and it’s heavily based on action.”

Announced during E3, Overstrike is a first-person, four-player co-op shooter which is in development through EA Partners, and has yet to be given a release window.

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