Free CryEngine 3 SDK downloaded over 100,000 times

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 23 August 2011 04:50 GMT

The Cryengine 3 SDK is proving hugly popular with developers, clocking up 100,000 downloads in just five days.

Destructoid noted the staggering level of interest on the CryDev website, which lists the total number of downloads at 103,277 at time of writing.

Crytek made the SDK free to download last week, under a revenue-sharing model not unlike the Unreal Engine’s, in which developers aren’t required to shell out unless they produce a commercial release.

To sell a game produced on the CryEngine SDK, you’ll need to apply for a commercial license and fork over 20 percent of the take – which seems pretty fair, given the power Crytek has dropped casually in your lap.

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Cryengine 3

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