Put your crew to work in Star Wars: The Old Republic

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 22 August 2011 00:46 GMT

BioWare has unveiled the full set of Crew Skills – activities to keep your companions occupied while you’re otherwise engaged in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

The SWTOR website has been updated, and now hosts a breakdown of the three categories you can train crew members in.

In the Gathering category, you’ll be able to send your minions off to harvest a number of useful items. Archaeology sends them after crystals and artifacts, while BioAnalysis will see them seeking genetic material (eeew). Scavenging goes after abandoned tech, and Slicing is a less loaded word for Hacking.

Once you’ve collected these delicious items, you can make something out of them. Crafting skills allow crew members to forge armour, weapons, artefacts, potions, implants, gadgets, and awesome clothes.

If you’re not the type to let your staff stand around tinkering all day, send them out with Mission Skills. You cna choose from Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting and Underworld Trading, each of which yields different rewards.

The crew skills system was first detailed in December last year, with eight of the 14 noted today revealed. Some of the language used on the info page suggests more skills will be unveiled in future.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is expected to release before the end of the year.

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