Take Two COO: “We’re a great investment,” but still opting to remain independent

By Johnny Cullen, Monday, 25 July 2011 11:36 GMT

Stroking the flames of fire a bit, Take Two COO Karl Slatoff has said the company is a “very attractive” target for a buyout due to the company’s arsenal of IP.

“I would agree with the analysts that you’re referring to, that our IP obviously makes us a very attractive investment for anybody, whether it’s a separate company or an individual investor, an institutional investor or a retail investor. I do think we have the best IP out there and we’re continuing to invest in it. And that’s our strategy,” he told IndustryGamers.

“At the core of it, we believe that the most value that you can create in an organization – an entertainment organization – is to build franchise value. And the way to build franchise value – at least our approach to building franchise value – is to go for quality in triple A development versus quantity. And I think we’ve proven that we’ve been able to create these franchises and they go from generation to generation… But in terms of remaining independent or not independent,

At the same time, though, Slatoff insisted that T2 remains happy as an independent company.

“I think we’re a fantastic company as an independent company and we’ve shown our ability to thrive in that environment. But, like I said before, we’re a great investment for any kind of investor, in my opinion.”

Take Two was the target of an infamous failed takeover bid by EA around the time of Grand Theft Auto IV’s launch. Since then, talk of a buyout has persisted.

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