Braben: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is “more than just an advertisement”

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 21 July 2011 03:46 GMT

Dabid Braben has said Disneyland Adventures is a triple A game that “we can be proud of as an industry”.

Braben said Disneyland “personifies” what appeals to a broad audience, as opposed to what non-gamers normally think of when they look at gaming – shooters.

“This is a rare opportunity to produce a top-notch game for a broad audience,” he commented at Develop yesterday, as reported by EDGE.

“This is a triple-A game. This is something we can be proud of as an industry.”

The Frontier Developments boss said the game has to be more than “just an advertisement for Disneyland”.

“It’s the setting for a game. Our intent is to create the experience of going to Disneyland in a game. Anything beyond that – if people love it – that’s great,” he said.

The project has had some unexpected technical challenges brought about by the necessity of accurately reproducing the famous theme park.

“The designers of the park have included sight lines where you can see right across the park…they [didn’t] have to worry about rendering. We have to have huge draw distances,” Braben explained.

Getting it absolutely correct is worth more than bragging rights, as fans take it very seriously, Braben said.

“They all know the intricate detail and will be irritated if anything’s wrong. It can’t be a horrible hybrid of the game and real life. One of the criticisms we got at E3 was that one of the churro carts was in the wrong place.”

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