The Nuclear Family revealed in new Baconing screens

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 14 July 2011 17:35 GMT

Hothead Games has released some character details and screenshots from The Baconing.

In The Baconing, DeathSpank will have help in his latest adventure thanks to The Nuclear Family, a group of adventuring scientists he meets in the Forest of Tomorrow.

This group is made up of “socially dysfunctional mad geniuses that push the boundaries of science within their laboratory-esque arboretum.”

Motherly Betty Nuclear stays home and has perfected the science of cooking and cleaning while her husband, Dick Nuclear, spends his time at the “Pleasuretorium” creating robots to help cure the ills of society through full body sensual massage. Meanwhile, their son Elroy is trying to clone a two-headed dog while his sister Chastity is busy constructing a boyfriend out of spare parts out of the local graveyard.

“In order to gain access to the Fire of Bacon, DeathSpank must reunite this frenetic family,” reads the game description. “Of course, it’s never as simple as that: each family member has a tendency to explode when agitated, and that tendency grows when in the vicinity of their fellow Nuclears. But if he ever wishes to get one step closer to facing off against the villainous AntiSpank, whose very presence threatens everything he stands for, DeathSpank must find a way.”

The Baconing will be released on PC, Mac, and other platforms this summer.

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