New expansion for Hearts of Iron III released

By Andrew Groen, Tuesday, 28 June 2011 18:45 GMT

Paradox Interactive has announced today that a new expansion pack for Hearts of Iron III has been released, dubbed For The Motherland.

The expansion pack takes place in Russia during the years 1936 and 1948, and gives players almost complete control over every aspect of the war effort.

From the industrial factories, to the negotiating table, and individual military units, players have a huge degree of control.

The new expansion offers plenty of new features for hardcore fans of the series, and also includes the return of battle scenarios that offer smaller, bite-sized mini-campaigns.

Below is the full list of new features:
• War Goals and enforced peace – each member of a faction can demand their own slice and claim it when it is taken
• New Partisan system – build Partisan undergrounds to organize your resistance movements and battle not just the occupier but also other ideologies for control of the country
• Seize strategic resources to fuel your war machine
• New Theatre Interface giving greater strategic information
• Improved internal politics and a new coup system
• The return of the battle scenario system to offer new mini-campaigns

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