Guild Wars 2 – Underwater combat footage, much more

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 28 June 2011 00:10 GMT

We saw the effortlessly amazing Guild Wars 2 in Germany today. Check out this media avalanche while we’re waiting for Stace’s report from the MMO’s Hamburg showing,

Firstly, there’s a story trailer, giving background of the human king and his cursing of a city in the face of a charr assault. You’re the reinforcements. You better hope you brought your extra special sword. The one that kills ghosts.

Secondly, here’s eight minutes non-stop combat, from both the catacombs set up in the story trailer and the underwater sections first revealed by ArenaNet last night.

There’s an absolutely lunatic level of detail going on in this footage. Watch it. The aqua action starts at 7.05.

And, lastly, look below for all the screens and art from today’s event, showing the catacomb and underwater sections in all their still glory.

Stace will have a full report on the content he saw in Germany today as soon as he can.

Be prepared for publisher NCsoft to push Guild Wars 2 very hard at gamescom in August. There’s no date on it yet, but you will get a beta this year.

Check out Steph’s report on the game’s demo from GDC here. Now you see why she was so impressed.

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