Darkworks unveils new survival horror shooter

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 24 June 2011 02:00 GMT

Ex- I am Alive developer Darkworks has announced a new survival horror shooter, Black Death, which sees players struggle against on onslaught of mutants under the shadow of a mysterious dark cloud.

The game’s official website teases gameplay mechanics using the cloud of smoke responsible for the infections – “the fog plays with you, play with the fog”.

Players will have access to chemical weapons as well as firearms, and will be able to choose between killing and curing mutants.

“Black Death is the personification of the fear generated by the recent pandemics and the mistrust which has been associated to their supposed origins (natural apocalypse, scientific, industrial, or military ones… or else… )” the site teases, forebodingly.

Darkworks has posted a teaser video and image as well as two pieces of concept art, all of which you can see below. Most intriguingly, it’s also released three images showing off the “bio-hacking survival procedure”, which looks like a clever safety-message in-game tutorial. If you look carefully on the right of the second of the three, you can see what seems to be some in-game dialogue. Another three screens are down there, too.

Darkworks has some strong horror credits, including Alone in the Dark: New Nightmare and Cold Fear. Perhaps most interestingly, it was the original developer of the slightly vapourous I Am Alive, now in production at Ubisoft Shanghai (maybe).

Black Death is expected on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with no release day set.

Thanks, 1UP.

BlackDeath from Darkworks S.A. on Vimeo.

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Black Death


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