GTTV pre-E3 episode talks military shooters, what to expect at the show

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 28 May 2011 14:35 GMT

GTTV has its annual pre-E3 show up, and in it, a lot of different people talk about a lot of stuff.

You’ve got folks talking about how they would like to see Microsoft bring something to the core gamer with Kinect, along with a mention of the head tracking features Forza 4 utilizes with the tech.

Then there’s the Sony line-up coming this year which most seemed to be rather impressed with.

With Nintendo, it’s pretty much going to be all about Project Cafe and the nail-biting that’s going on until it is finally revealed in some capacity.

The latest episode also takes a look at just how accurate combat franchises such as Battlefield and Call of Duty are when it comes to military movement. They use real people to figure this out.

Watch it for yourself if you like below or on the official site.

E3 is looming.

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