Minecraft 1.6 live and less lost

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 27 May 2011 03:22 GMT

Minecraft’s latest major patch, 1.6, has gone live, bringing with it a whole host of new delights, including maps.

On top of a massive number of fixes, several new features have made their way to Minecraft. The aforementioned maps are a craftable item, sure to assist in your endeavours not to get lost half a minute from your spawn point.

The Nether dimension – useful for fast travel and being eaten by demons – now works in multiplayer.

Some vegetation changes mean mushrooms will now spread at a slow pace, long grass will appear in some environments, and deserts now host dead shrubs.

The record player has been primed for fifteen songs, although records themselves haven’t been updated yet, and you’ll be able to build hatches.

The changes are listed in full on Notch’s blog.

Thanks, Eurogamer.


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