Kojima Productions to have “some surprises” for pre-E3 Konami event next week

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 26 May 2011 18:28 GMT

Kojima Productions has confirmed in this week’s KP Report that it has “surprises” planned from the studio at Konami’s pre-E3 event next Thursday.

Speaking in Episode 141 of the podcast, host Sean Eyestone mentions that it has aces up its sleeve that can’t be held until E3 the following week.

“We are going to have a few announcements at E3 and we have some surprises, so be looking forward to that,” he said.

“And we have something special lined-up going on a little bit before E3. So next week, we’re going to have a little special something on June 2.”

He continued: “Can’t say too much about it, keep your eyes and ears peeled. There’ll be some interesting news coming out of that leading into E3. It’s a Konami event that we’re holding. And, of course, Kojima Productions has a few things in there. But be excited, folks!”

To add more wood to the fire, a special KP Report will also release to coincide with the Konami event.

“We have a lot of reveals there that can’t wait until E3. So we’re going to have a special episode as well next week,” added Eyestone.

Watch the mountains. Watch them for possible Zone of the Enders 3 or Peace Walker PS3-based nukes to drop. MGS: Rising and MGS 3DS are almost dead certs for the event, but keep watching for a PS3 version of PW or for the return of Jehuty.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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