Starbreeze reports suggests Project RedLime recently expanded, new downloadable title inbound

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 20 May 2011 00:09 GMT

Project RedLime, the top secret Starbreeze Studios title strongly suspected to be a new Syndicate, has been increased in scale, and that a new downloadable title from the studio is in the works.

Following a tip from Superannuation, Giantbomb ran Starbreeze’s latest financial reports through auto-translate. Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark hinted that Project RedLime’s unprecedented scope is a recent decision.

“The reason for our joint decision [to expand Project Redlime] is above all that we wish to implement a number of creative enhancements, we want simply [to] do an even better game.

“It also requires an expansion of the project because of the high staff turnover during the autumn and winter, as we have previously reported. It has taken time and resources to recruit key employees, while it takes time for new developers to come into the project. We have now secured the [manpower for] RedLime.”

Project RedLime will be published by EA Partners, but in the meantime, Starbreeze isn’t receiving any income from it – but it has irons in the fire.

“The gaming industry is [in the] midst of an interesting and tumultuous phase of great changes [for] both publishers [and] game developers, as well as in the distribution chain, with more focus on including downloadable games.

“We must, of course, adapt to changing market conditions. We will continue to do AAA games and we should more often work with new business models for small downloadable games.”

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