UK Chancellor: PSN hacking highlights “need for robust security”

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 18 May 2011 15:27 GMT

UK Chancellor George Osborne has said the recent hacking of PlayStation Network shows the “need” to have “robost” protection against any such attacks in future.

Osborne highlighted the need during a speech in London yesterday.

“The hacking into Sony’s online PlayStation Network, and the theft of millions of users’ credit card details, is a high profile example of the need for robust online security,” he said.

He continued to add that “this age of digitised public services creates challenges alongside opportunities – the challenge of ensuring the security of personal data and financial information.”

PSN went down on April 19 due to an external intrusion, which compromised personal data. Sony did not rule out the possibility of credit card information been affected, but had no evidence to suggest otherwise. The service has now been partially restored.

Earlier today, it was found out that an exploit for the PSN website could possibly change an account holder’s password on the network using data with its stored email and DOB.

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