Svensson: Capcom’s interest in PC market “growing”

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 13 May 2011 11:17 GMT

Capcom has said that the profile of PC gaming inside the publisher is one that is “growing,” although insists improvement is still to be done.

US VP Christian Svensson has said in a blog on Unity that senior execs at the company are now pushing for the platform to be recognised in terms of content.

“The push for PC gaming within Capcom over the years has been lead by a select few people. I’m one, putting my money where my mouth is with my forecasts,” said Svensson.

“Similarly our European COO, David Reeves and our head of Capcom Germany, Michael Auer have also been vocal proponents. Takeuchi-san and the MT Framework team have been the biggest supporters on the development side. I’m happy to say that those few select people are getting increasing support from a broader array of stakeholders globally.”

He continued: “Looking back a ways, we were the first non-Valve game to do a Steam integration. What is now known as Steamworks, was initiated as a project where Valve worked with Capcom to pull bits of their Half-Life libraries apart so that we could integrate them into Lost Planet 1 (which incidentally was also the first commercial DirectX10 game on the market). It was a very visionary step at that time, especially for a Japanese developer where the PC market historically has been rather muted.”

Svensson added: “At green light meetings, our Japanese COO and the head of the consumer and online software business increasingly request a PC version if one is not being proposed at the outset of a project.”

Capcom has plenty of content lined up for PC this year, including Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, to name just a few.

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