BULLETCAST, May 12 – What you need to know now

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 12 May 2011 09:00 GMT

Hello world. Here are your headlines for Thursday morning.

  • Modern Warfare 3’s logo and boxart has supposedly leaked, as has a logo for something called “Call of Duty: Elite.” This may be related to Beachhead in some form.
  • Team Bondi boss Brendan McNamara has hinted we may see two DLC desks being included for LA Noire. He also confirmed the Sydney-based studio has an idea for its next project, and is “kicking that around” right now. Here’s the launch trailer.
  • Brink’s received its first update on all platforms, with dev Splash Damage promising to look into lag issues in the game. Game’s out tomorrow in the UK.
  • “MMOs at this point in the genre are kind of stuck in a rut,” Global brand director for Guild Wars 2, Chris Lye, has told VG247, speaking to us as part of a new feature for the ArenaNet and NCSoft MMO.
  • Eden Games, the developer of Test Drive Unlimited 2, has gone on what it calls a “symbolic day strike” following what it claims is “mismanagement” by Atari over supposed layoffs at the French studio.
  • Nintendo’s delayed the launch of the first 3DS firmware update until next month. The update, which includes the addition of eShop and an internet browser, was due to hit later this month.

No audio today. It’ll be back tomorrow.

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