Twenty triumphant screens for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

By Jessica Citizen, Wednesday, 11 May 2011 03:34 GMT

Promising extended tag combos and all new combined moves, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sure sounds good on paper. Thankfully, this new gallery reveals Namco’s upcoming brawler looks pretty good, too.

Andriasang has a beautiful gallery of 20 new Tekken Tag Tournament 2

screenshots for the game, focussing mainly on street urchin King, Vale Tudo fighter Craigh Marduk, former decoy Yoshimitsu, terrifying Spetsnaz member Sergei Dragunov and Interpol officer Bryan Fury.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 likes alliteration, but seems to be averse to release dates at this stage. We’re expecting the game to release in the Japanese autumn this year, but time will tell.

(Thanks, StolenGlory for noticing this one, too!)

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