Pre-order Rocksmith, get $25 off a guitar

By Jessica Citizen, Tuesday, 10 May 2011 10:07 GMT

Most other rhythm / music games come bundled with their own plastic peripherals. Rocksmith doesn’t, but Ubisoft would like to make it easier for you to buy the real guitar you’ll need to play the game.


In case you missed the memo, Rocksmith is the French developer’s foray into the overcrowded music game market, but it comes with a nifty gimmick: You can use your own, real guitar instead of some remodelled controller. Essentially, you’re earning points and achievements while doing your guitar practice.

Not bad, but real guitars can get pricey, even if you just want a simple instrument to plug into your console and strum away on. That’s where Ubi’s latest deal with GameStop comes in handy.

Pre-order your copy of Rocksmith and GameStop will give you a US$25 voucher towards your next purchase at Guitar Center. No, they’re not giving you a guitar, but they’re also not making your decision for you – which, for something as personal as a guitar, is a nice touch (and isn’t it so much better than yet another black t-shirt?).

At this stage, the deal is for the United States only, but we’re hoping retailers in other regions take the hint and offer something similar.

Rock on, D’toid!

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