Test Drive Unlimited gets free Exploration DLC

By Jessica Citizen, Monday, 9 May 2011 07:15 GMT

The world of Test Drive Unlimited 2 has just gotten much bigger, with the release of the Exploration DLC pack – and better yet, it’s free!

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Despite what you may have heard about nothing good ever coming for free, Eden Games would like to argue. As a gesture of thanks to gamers who put up with the game’s bug-ridden launch, the company decided to release the pack – complete with new cars, events, event types and levels – free of charge.

The PC version of the DLC is out right now, but if you’re a console fan you’ll have to hang around a while – your version is promised “very soon”, but we don’t have a release date just yet.

Head to the game’s official forums for all the patch notes – but as a taste, we can tell you that there are 20 new events, two new event types (Extreme Convoy and Timed Convoy), three new discovery levels, two new multiplayer races, one set of new clothes and – if you’re lucky – a partridge in a pear tree.

There’s also a stack of gameplay improvements and bug fixes as well as the new content, so – while the price is right, you have absolutely no excuse for not updating your game.

Thanks to CVG for the heads-up.

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