Command & Conquer Arena cancelled before it was announced

By Jessica Citizen, Monday, 9 May 2011 08:38 GMT

Command & Conquer fans, prepare to mourn for the game you never knew existed. A leaked cinematic trailer has revealed the cancelled Command & Conquer Arena, which never made it past the drawing board.

Command & Conquer Arena

Electronic Arts never officially announced Command & Conquer Arena, choosing instead to condemn it to the ever-growing list of cancelled games in the franchise.

Judging by that footage, we may have missed out on an massively multiplayer online real time strategy game,

Arena’s not forgotten completely, however! Elements from the game have since shown up in last year’s Command & Conquer 4, which also pitted the Global Defense Initiative against the Brotherhood of NOD and the Scrin aliens.

The war is over. But the battles continue.

This does of course mean that we’re not sure just how many other Command & Conquer missions were aborted before seeing the light of day. This one makes six, on top of Tiberian Sun 2, Renegade 2, Continuum, Tiberian Incursion and the simply-named Tiberium.

Thanks to Video Games Blogger and French site CnC Saga for the footage.

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