Thursday shorts: Crash Bandicoot remade, Death Rally, Metroid

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 5 May 2011 09:17 GMT

Its Thursday. You’re nearly there. You’re not there, but you’re almost there. Keep going. But read these shorts first.

  • Someone’s gone and remade Crash Bandicoot using CryEngine 3. There’s a video of it on GiantBomb.
  • Remedy’s released a new update to iOS title Death Rally. It includes a new track, in-app purchases and more.
  • The state of Massachusetts is currently considering introducing tax incentives for game developers.
  • A group of gamers known as TheSpeedGamers is doing a Metroid marathon this weekend to help raise relief aid for Japan.
  • The ACB’s listed something called Nightmare Dinosaur from Konami and Hudson. Hudson was absorbed by Konami last month, but some of its games has been expected to be picked up by its now parent company.

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