Square Enix announces Chaos Rings prequel, sequel for iOS

By Nathan Grayson, Thursday, 28 April 2011 06:44 GMT

Despite what you may believe, Square Enix’s iOS lineup isn’t wall-to-wall with wallet-gobbling ports. Among the (still pretty darn expensive) gems is Chaos Rings, a gorgeous original JRPG that’s seen massive iOS success. And now, the twist: Square Enix has decided – hoo boy, it’s a wild one – to make more games.

Famitsu (via Andriasang) brings word of Chaos Rings Omega, which will apparently release this May. Its story is set to take place before that of the original, though little else is known at this point.

The same Famitsu issue also carries a teaser for Chaos Rings II, which – at this point – sure is a title that a game will presumably have. As is the teaser’s nefarious wont, we’ll have to wait until an unspecified “later” to find out more.

Still though, more Chaos Rings definitely isn’t a bad thing. At least, not until we get to Chaos Rings XIII Online: Duodecim Final Mix Ultra Limit Leaf Green Edition.

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