Anonymous Sony Centre sit-ins fail to cause a stir

By Stace Harman, Monday, 18 April 2011 13:03 GMT

After stating last week that it was dissatisfied with the out of court settlement between Sony and George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz, hacktivist group Anonymous went ahead with its planned in-store protests over the weekend. Reports suggest it was far from anarchy.

The action, dubbed Operation Sony, followed accusations by Anonymous of Sony’s “privacy infringement.”

“By forcing social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook to hand over IP addresses of those who have viewed [videos demonstrating PlayStation hacking techniques, Sony has] performed an act of privacy invasion,” the group said via a YouTube video.

The protest was intended to disrupt business at Sony Centres around the globe, though reports from the official Facebook page suggest that participation was low. Videos have emerged of the one or two UK-based stores apparently remaining closed in response to the proposed action, though demonstrator turnout at these stores was also low or non-existent.

Anonymous has announced via its Facebook page that the protests will continue.

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