Tretton: Sony in “growth mode, not cruise control”

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 5 April 2011 17:09 GMT

SCEA boss Jack Tretton has said that Sony has not peaked yet, insisting it’s still at “growth mode” with PlayStation 3, four years on from its US launch.

Tretton told Fast Company that it was just getting going in regards to 3D, Move and its upcoming line-up of games.

“We’re really just hitting our stride, that we’re able to get technology in the box or take advantage of the technology that was there, and really show some fruits of those labours,” he said.

“Things like Move, things like 3D, things like the great games that are currently available. So I really feel like we’re just hitting our stride, and that massive investment we made rolling that rock up the hill with the big financial investment of PlayStation 3, and that technological innovation, is something we’re going to reap dividends on for many, many years.”

Tretton added that Sony’s PlayStation business is still growing following PS3’s launch in the US in 2006.

“We’re not in cruise control mode, we’re still in growth mode,” he said. “Fortunately, it’s been steady growth for the past four years, and we anticipate strong growth again in the next fiscal year.”

Sony added 3D capabilities to PS3 last summer, with Move launching last fall. It’s shipped 4.1 million Move units so far.

Its fiscal 2012 will be a big year, and will include the launch of NGP. Check this for full details.

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