Planetside Next delayed, dev team possible expanded

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 3 April 2011 23:53 GMT

Planetside Next will see a delayed release, but benefit from increased investment – contrary to current trends at Sony Online Entertainment.

“Planetside Next is getting more resources and will be out a little later in the year,” SoE president John Smedley told Planetside Universe.

“But we are pulling out all the stops to make it great.”

The writer who spoke to Smedley interpreted the statement as suggesting the game’s development team is set to expand.

A producer’s letter with more details is expected shortly.

Last week, SoE confirmed rumours of massive layoffs, with one third of staff let go, three studio closures, and the cancellation of The Agency.

Planetside Next is the sequel to 2003’s Planetside, SoE’s successful MMO shooter, and is expected late this year.

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