Goichi Suda would like a new No More Heroes

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 31 March 2011 00:43 GMT

Goichi Suda has reiterated his desire to add another entry to the No More Heroes series.

Famitsu, via Andriasang, reports Suda mentioned the possibility at a Grasshopper charity initiative yesterday.

“Although it won’t happen soon, I’d like to do it at some point,” the designer said, and to colleagues on stage, “Let’s make it together.”

Suda has said in the past that further entries in the series will not be released for the Wii, and that while he didn’t originally envision sequels, the first game’s sales convinced him to have another go.

The first No More Heroes and its sequel, 2010’s Desperate Struggle, were both produced for the Wii and published outside Japan by Rising Star and Ubisoft. Both games scored well with critics and sold surprisingly well given their kookiness. A PlayStation 3 revamp of the first game, with the subtitle Heroes Paradise, is expected to release from Konami in several Western territories soon.

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