Lewie’s Weekly Deals – Kinect for £80, Wii and Mario for £70

By LewieP, Monday, 28 March 2011 11:38 GMT

As another week begins, I’ve got another set of discounted games for your consideration. You may have missed some of these the first time around, but at these low prices they must be worth a second look. For more updates on cut-price gaming, you can always rely on SavyGamer.co.uk, your lighthouse of value in the sea of RRP. Read on for this weeks deals.

Kinect, Xbox 360 – £79.99 delivered

If you don’t mind having a Kinect that has already stared into the soul of another owner, this pre-owned deal saves you about £20 on the next best price. It doesn’t come with the normal pack in freebie Kinect Adventures, but that is available for £3 delivered separately here (also pre-owned). I think I’ll be holding off until it’s in the £50-60 price range, myself.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, PSP – £11.99 delivered

News of several different new Sony handhelds on the horizon might mean the original PSP isn’t grabbing as many headlines as it used to, but it is still getting worthwhile releases from time to time. Take this remake of the classic strategy RPG, which has received excellent reviews across the board. It’s only been out a month and already it’s been heavily discounted.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3 – £5.58 delivered

Ex-rental, but every ex-rental game I have got from Boomerang has been in pristine condition, with any DLC codes unused. Worse controls than Sands of Time, puzzles that involve pressing the button it tells you to press, and a lack of any real platforming challenge stopped this from being the return to form it could have been, but it was still a step in the right direction compared to Prince of Persia 2008. It was very short: I completed it in two play sessions, but for just over a fiver that’s not such a big deal. GameStation will take it off you hands for £6 via CEX pricematch. Metacritic page here.

Lost Planet 2, Xbox 360 – £5.79 delivered

This is another ex-rental bargain, and at a similarly attractive low price. I’ve not played this one, and the mixed critical response isn’t making me desperate to give it a go, but that’s dead cheap. Any fans of this third-person shooter out there? At the very least you can get £6 trade in at GameStation via CEX pricematch for the time being, so at least if it’s a stinker you can avoid being out of pocket.

Deal of the week

Nintendo Wii plus Super Mario Galaxy – £69.99 delivered

Both the game and the console are pre-owned, but the console is covered by GAME’s 12 months hardware like-for-like exchange policy if faulty. I think there’s a fairly strong case to be made that £70 is worth it just to play Super Mario Galaxy, but if you’ve not got yourself Nintendo’s little white box of fun yet there are dozens of other fantastic games available low prices now. Perhaps it’s time for an official price drop some time soon, Nintendo?

Also of note:

  • Nintendo 3DS [Blue/Black] – £187 delivered

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