Homefront Aussie servers to be doubled

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 23 March 2011 06:06 GMT

THQ has provided on update on Australia’s troubled Homefront servers, promising fixes, apologising for a recent outage, and plotting to double server capacity.

According to Ausgamers, THQ and Kaos are in the dark as to the cause of an outage on Monday morning, but continuing to seek a solution.

THQ has blamed ongoing problems on unexpected demand, and promised to double server capacity above and beyond last week’s additions. New servers are said to have been delivered and are in the installation process.

Low pings, particularly frustrating for jaded Australians expecting decent matches from dedicated serves, will be addressed in three ways. The problem of Australian players being placed in games with US competitors when local servers are full will be partway solved by increased server capacity.

Additionally, servers will begin implementing a ping limit when matchmaking, and an update to the player-facing ping meter will be adjusted to give players a more accurate representation of connection speeds.

The last will be applied via a global title update, with an ETA forthcoming.

Homefront is out now, and has stormed the UK charts.

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