PS Home scores kittens, gangsters and racing kit

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 10 March 2011 00:56 GMT

Sony’s campaign to tempt you back to Home has just wound up a notch. The latest new content for the service includes gangsters and kittens.

Also, no gangster kittens packing heat under their fur coats.

According to the EU PS Blog, digital content provider Lockwood has identified the one Internet darling heretofore missing from Sony’s virtual world.

The remedy is a “rough and tumble tabby”, a “relaxed ginger kitty”, or a “scene-stealing Siamese”. Adorable.

To prove your hardcore status after purchasing a fluffy bundle of wuv, you can snap up a pin stripe suit, a pair of Spectators and a fedora to rock the Chicago mobster vibe.

Lockwood has also introduced a range of Sodium-branded racing gear, but that involves neither paws nor tommy guns so whatever.

Sony recently announced the PlayStation 3’s virtual world has hit 19 million downloads and will soon feature multiplayer gaming experiences.

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