Cage: Quantic Dream’s two projects are “very different”

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 4 March 2011 09:06 GMT

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has reiterated at GDC that the French developer is currently working on two new projects, adding that they’re “very different” animals.

Cage wouldn’t get into more specifics about the two games while speaking to CVG.

He first confirmed the studio was working on new stuff last year.

Cage also said that he would like to make a war game with “a different approach”.

“I want to create a genre,” he said. “I want to convince more people that [emotional gaming] is a valid direction for the industry; to show them that this was not just one product, one story. It’s a format that can be used to tell any kind of story in any genre with any tone,” he said.

“I would really like the opportunity to work on a different type of game. I would love to see if what we discovered could be applied to a first-person shooter, for example.”

He added: “A game about war is something I would like to do, just to see if we could get closer to the film side,” then added, “I’m going to work on it. It’s really something I want to do.”

The studio released Heavy Rain last February on PS3, with it going on to sell 1.5 million units. It was said yesterday that 72 percent of players finished the game.

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