Killzone 3 contains eight swears

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 7 February 2011 23:48 GMT

Killzone 3 director Mathijs de Jonge has itemised Killzone 3’s instances of naughty language, and outlined the reasoning behind their infrequency.

“In total, I think there’s seven ‘fuck you’s and one ‘motherfucker’,” the director told Edge. “I think that’s fine.”

That’s quite a reduced count from Guerrilla’s previous outing – and that’s deliberate.

“In Killzone 2 we ended up with too much of it,” de Jonge said.

“The thing about swearing is that it’s highly effective when it’s done right, and in Killzone 3 I think there’s some swearing but if feels a lot more impactful. It’s at the right times.”

You can judge for yourself; Killzone 3 is out on February 22 in the US and February 25 in the UK for PlayStation 3, with a Metacritic average of 86.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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