Nintendo: 3DS is “indispensable”, will “surprise” you

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 31 January 2011 22:49 GMT


Speaking on the many and varied qualities of 3DS, Nintendo UK gneral manager David Yarnton and marketing manager James Honeywell have said that StreetPass is an integral part of the portable’s appeal, turning it into “indispensable” kit sure to “surprise” you.

Yarnton told CVG that Street Pass-enabled surprise is one of 3DS’s biggest strengths.

“There’s a quote from Miyamoto in which he says one of the biggest things he wants to do is surprise people – and that’s what we’re looking at with the 3DS,” he said.

“For example, when you have StreetPass and you walk past someone else who has Street Fighter for virtual fights, or downloadable content when you’re at home when you open the machine and there’s something new – it’s to surprise people all of the time.”

“We want to make 3DS something that’s indispensable – something you always pick up,” marketing manager James Honeywell added.

“So when you leave your home and pick up your keys and mobile phone, you take your 3DS because on that trip out you don’t know how many other people you’re going to walk past, how many other SpotPass or StreetPass opportunities you’re going to have.”

“Those elements of content are very important,” he continued, “But we need to make sure we’ve got lots and lots of different things just to make people really want to take that console with them all of the time.”


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