Battlestar Galactica Online open beta beginning on February 8

By Nathan Grayson, Saturday, 29 January 2011 08:43 GMT


The Battlestar Galactica MMO was created by man. It evolved. It rebelled. There are many copies. And it has a plan…

To enter open beta in a couple weeks. (Ok, so maybe it’s not the most eventful rebellion.)

Over on the official Battlestar Galactica Online forums, Bigpoint announced that its virtual take on the revered sci-fi franchise is gunning for a February 8 open beta.

The whole thing will take place on global servers that only allow English chatting, but aspiring toasters and toastees will be able to choose from a number of different languages for their game clients.

So, what does a Galactica MMO actually entail? Well, based off a recently released trailer, there’s plenty of flying and, er, robo-walking down corridors (which is fine for Cylons, but humans, well, not so much). Also, you’ll apparently be able to build all the way up to commanding a fleet, which sounds like a completely reasonable excuse to regularly dress up as Edward James Olmos if we’ve ever heard one.

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