Visceral: Dead Space movie won’t be “just a cheap cash-in”

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 28 January 2011 11:58 GMT


Dead Space art director Ian Milham has told the BBC that a live-action Dead Space movie won’t be “just a cheap cash-in”.

Speaking to NewsBeat, he said that EA has had “a lot of discussion” about the movie.

“We would love to have a live action film and we’ve had a lot of discussion,” said Milham.

“But one of the reasons Dead Space still exists and is popular is because we’ve made sure to do everything right.

“We’re doing the same with the film. Not just a cheap cash-in but to do something really worthwhile. We’ll see.”

The last heard of a Dead Space movie was late last year when Milham casted some doubt over it being made in an EA video.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned from Dead Space, it’s that you’re much better off taking your time and making sure something’s quality than trying too fast,” he said at the time.

Talk of a movie first arose in 2009 when it was reported by Variety that plans were in development, and that Disturbia and Taking Lives director DJ Caruso would be at the helm.

Dead Space 2, the newest entry in the IP, releases today in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.

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