Online and two-player features revealed for Catherine

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 26 January 2011 19:35 GMT


Famitsu has detailed the multiplayer elements of Catherine, along with online support, other gameplay modes.

Lovingly transcribed for the world by Andriasang, the site said the load screen has four options available upon boot: Golden Theater, Babel, Colosseum and Configuration.

According to the choices you make in the main story mode, Golden Theater, Vincent’s fate will change as you plow through his interactions with Catherine C and Katherine K. You can choose between three difficulty modes, Easy, Normal and Hard, and whichever you choose just effects the gamplay, not the story- obviously.

Golden Theater is also the name of an in-game television show hosted by a lady with a massive red afro named Midnight Venus, who also introduces the player to Vincent and other characters.

Famitsu also chats a bit about Babel Mode, which is the much heard about tower game Vincent climbs around in. The tower shows clouds way up into the distance, this the name of the mode. Babel also has four stages, which can be unlocked based on how well you did in story mode. It contains both single and two-player multiplayer options, and includes online rankings with those at the top getting the shortest stage clear time.

Once you have cleared the Golden Theater mode, you will be able to access Colosseum Mode. This is the competitive mode in the game where two players can challenge the action stages at the same time. As each player climbs a tower, they will need to not only be the fastest one up to the top, but must also find ways to hinder the other player along the way. The one who wins two rounds in a row will win the first match up.

Online features for the game include Trophies, and the other is the Confession Room. This an area players will encounter once the top of a stage is reached. Within the area, players will be asked multiple choice question, and the response determines advancement. If the player is currently online in this mode, graphs will pop up showing how other players responded and the player can also choose to see gender specific responses as well.

Catherine launches on February 17 for PS3 and 360. Catch the latest video for it here.

A demo for Catherine launched in Japan for PSN today and XBL Gold members.

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