8-bit Funding platform launched for indie developers

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 26 January 2011 22:06 GMT


Even a modest game costs a lot of money to make, so it’s convenient that plenty of people want to play them and will even, if provoked, fork out some cash before the damn thing is finished.

8-bit Funding takes this premise and runs with it, relying on the genorosity of gamers to financially power independent development.

With the catchphrase “because every developer needs a 1up”, 8-bit Funding is bit like general project fundraising platform Kickstarter in that it promotes upcoming and ongoing projects with set-goal donation drives.

A number of projects are already available for the absoprtion of your excess cash, ranging wildly across genre and financial ambition, from retro RPG Inaria’s modest request for $500 to fighter-shooter mash up DreamCasters Duel’s bold stake of $20,000.

A glance at the site’s FAQ reveals a number of fees and charges for the developer, but even so it’s one way to get money into your favourite small developer’s pockets when a project stalls on rent week.

Thanks, Joystiq.


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