SOE says DC Universe Online’s monthly fee is “exceptional value for the money”

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 25 January 2011 20:20 GMT


Sony Online Entertainment’s Ryan Peters has said the £9.99 monthly fee for DC Universe Online is fair, as gamers feel they’re getting “exceptional value for the money they’re putting in.”

Speaking with Eurogamer, Peters said a monthly fee for an MMO, as it pertains to the console format, isn’t any different than getting monthly DLC.

“Certainly we want people to feel they are getting the value to that subscription,” said. “We understand we’re asking a lot and the equation I always give to people is that it’s similar to DLC – if you were getting DLC from Red Dead Redemption every month, I’d probably sign up for that because I buy every piece of DLC they throw at me.

“We’re trying to keep it on par with that kind of experience where it’s compelling and you feel like you’re getting good value.

“People on the console are a little more hesitant because this is a different scenario for them, whereas an established MMO person would say, ‘OK, I play an MMO’. I would say two thirds of them are subscription-based and there’s certainly a free-to-play marketplace out there.

“It’s not so much a re-education process as saying, whatever price you’re paying in your country, $15 in the States is a ticket to the movies and I guarantee you’re going to get much more time and enjoyment out of this – especially the movie I saw last night which was The American with George Clooney which was awful. It was absolutely awful. 16 Euros to watch it in my hotel was the worst investment.

“I thought, there was a month’s subscription to DCUO right there, and I thought that was a better investment.”

DCUO launched last week in the UK, nabbing the ten spot on the UK all-formats chart in the process.

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