3DS’s pre-installed augmented reality shooter Face Raiders gets detailed

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 21 January 2011 20:45 GMT


Details on the pre-installed 3DS game Face Raiders are posted over on Joystiq, and if you were curious about this game which superimposes you face into it, you’ll want to have a read.

The game has been called by Nintendo an “augmented reality shooter”, and users of 3DS will us its built in camera to throw actual faces into the mix.

According to ‘stiq:

Enemies will appear all around you, and you’ll have to move your body to find and destroy these virtual baddies. Unlike the tech demo, though, you don’t just fight random blocks and cubes. Instead, you fight people’s faces.

At the start of each level, you must take a portrait photo of someone, aligning their eyes and mouth with the on-screen indicator. Once you snap the picture, that image is morphed into a disembodied floating head that, for reasons unknown, will try to attack you. The novelty should be immediately apparent: shooting pellets at a mutated version of a friend’s face is oddly compelling. As the level continues, you’ll notice that the faces will morph, adding costumes, expressions and more.

Could be a way to vent some frustration by using a picture of your mother-in-law or pesky little brother we reckon.

3DS is out in March.

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