PS3 “Trophy Unlocker” threatens to break Trophy system

By Debabrata Nath, Friday, 14 January 2011 16:04 GMT


This is ridiculous.

Rumours have been ripe on some hacking forums that a new homebrew app known as “PS3 Unlocker”  allows users running custom firmware to achieve 100 percent completion in any game and unlock all the trophies in the process.

What’s worse, is that they can then sync the data to Sony’s servers and it’ll will show up in their Trophy lists.

One random PS3 hacking forum user wrote the following message:

“Just tried it with BUZZ Quiz TV (EU) original disc – Played a round of the game then quit, trophy’s now show as 100% I have 70% previously.”

All this is the result of George “Geohot” Hotz completely hacking the PS3 by exposing its security keys, which he claimed was irreversible, earlier in the month.

His actions resulted in Sony suing him and a group of hackers calling themselves fail0verflow earlier in the week.

We’ll contact Sony and see if any of this holds any truth.

Thanks, MCV.

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