Bilson: I wouldn’t have put Taliban in Medal of Honor

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 14 January 2011 11:57 GMT


THQ core games boss Danny Bilson has hit out at EA’s decision to include the Taliban in Medal of Honor, telling EG he wouldn’t have put them in the game “in the first place”.

The shooter, released last October, included the Taliban in the game’s single-player, but EA made a last-minute decision to pull the group from multiplayer and replace it with “Opposing Force”.

But Bilson, who was previously at EA as an exec, said he wouldn’t have put them in the game at all.

“I wouldn’t have put them in in the first place,” Bilson said at the publisher’s “newTHQ” event in New York this week.

Bilson also denied accusations of bad taste in THQ’s upcoming US vs North Korean shooter Homefront, following the recent conflict between North and South, whilst also pointing out the differences of the game against MoH and DICE’s Battlefield.

“In Battlefield, when you had the Mid East Alliance and the Chinese and the Americans, it was all fantasy and I didn’t mind playing one side or the other,” he said.

“When you get into reality – and that’s real, that’s not speculative science fiction like ours – people are dying at their hands. I take my games seriously. That’s why they’re fun to play, because you care about them. I don’t want to play as the Taliban, particularly.”

At his time at EA, Bilson was creating a war game based on the Iraq War, according to comments made last year.

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