Funcom: “Safe” to assume digital release for The Secret World, no hint at date

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 13 January 2011 09:52 GMT


Following confirmation that Funcom MMO The Secret World is to get a retail release through EA Partners, the Norwegian developer and publisher has told VG247 that it’s “safe” to assume the game will also be available digitally.

“There are very few MMOs, if any, that aren’t available digitally,” Funcom product manager Erling Ellingsen told us in a phone interview.

“I think you can safely say that we’ll be going digital as well. The exact details of how we’re going to do that and when we’re doing it is something we have to announce later.”

Ellingsen added that partnering with EAP afforded a boost in awareness for The Secret World.

“In addition to being a partner that will help us with distribution of the games, EA can help us with marketing and publicity, for instance,” he said.

“They have a huge operation for these sort of things, and team up with EA to make sure we get the word out there in the best possible way is very natural to us.

“It makes perfect sense for us to team up with someone of EA’s size.”

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when the game will launch, or when we’ll even get to know when it’s coming out. Ellingsen wouldn’t be drawn.

“We, of course, have an internal release date and we have internal milestones that we’re working towards, but we haven’t communicated a release date yet. We will, of course, do that later, but exactly when we’re going to do that? We don’t know yet.”

The Secret World is a modern-day, conspiracy-based MMO that will visit real-life locations such as London, New York, Seoul and more.

Steph got an early look at it at GDC last year.

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