Star Trek Online: Cryptic looking into more ship traits and “exciting ways to use shuttles” in 2011

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 11 January 2011 14:50 GMT


Cryptic has major plans for Star Trek Online this year, and since the game is starting its second year, the developers are looking at different ship models and ways to get about the game’s galaxies.

Of course, user generated content and weekly episodes are still planned for 2011, but with the game celebrating its first year live, the developers are looking into Leaving Shipdock sequences that users can use when getting a new ship. Traits for ships, as well as “working on new and exciting ways to use shuttles”, which Cryptic plans to “show off in future episodes”.

“The ship design team is doing some early R&D on how a Prometheus design would work,” said executive producer Dan Stahl. “This is one example where we are looking at an existing top tier ship and designing ways to make it even more unique. As far as other Vulcan ships, we plan to continue introducing species based ships and while I don’t have the Suurok on the schedule, we do have an Andorian ship on the schedule coming up soon. So stay tuned.”

Adding a sickbay to ship interiors is still on the design schedule, and the developers plan to announce more on it in the future.

You get caught up on all that’s planned for the MMO through the official website.

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